Some dads experience postpartum depression after the birth of their child. Here’s what I did

Audrey strapped Sam into his car seat and covered him with a blue, cellular cotton blanket. I carried him from the hospital door to a waiting yellow jeep in the hospital car park.

“I’ve the car warmed up.” His newly-commissioned grandmother tapped the heating dial.

I was twelve driving lessons…

An expectant dad is better off preparing in advance of the delivery day rather than waiting until his partner’s waters break.

My girlfriend Audrey, nine months and ten days pregnant, flicked through a tattered copy of NOW magazine while waiting for the midwife to call her into the delivery ward.

A nurse pushed through the double doors and approached a grey-haired man sitting across the waiting room.

“Are you Tracey’s father?”…

Publish early. Publish often. A back catalogue of work gives you more chances to find an audience, promote and sell your work

The author James Patterson releases at least three books every year and has published over 300 titles. Whether you like his books or not, Patterson gives himself ample opportunities to connect with his readers every year.

It’s not just James Patterson. After interviewing dozens of indie authors and content creators…

Start a newsletter is a great way of building a relationship with readers and earning more money as content creator

The internet is a noisy place, particularly for creators who want to build relationships with readers and fans. It’s hard to earn a living when so much great content is available for free.

Is a paid newsletter the answer for your content business?

Hamish McKenzie is co-founder and chief operating…

So, you want to write words that sell

After abandoning journalism, I worked as a freelance copywriter, agency copywriter, and in-house copywriter in the technology industry for over ten years.

A copywriter is an excellent way of earning a living from writing, but it’s a particular skillset, unlike writing fiction, blog posts or freelance articles.

Junior copywriters can…

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