5 Jobs a Copywriter Does Every Day

So, you want to write words that sell

Bryan Collins
3 min readMay 19, 2021


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After abandoning journalism, I worked as a freelance copywriter, agency copywriter, and in-house copywriter in the technology industry for over ten years.

A copywriter is an excellent way of earning a living from writing, but it’s a particular skillset, unlike writing fiction, blog posts or freelance articles.

Junior copywriters can earn $400000 to 50000 per year, senior copywriters can earn over $70000 per year, and top-tier copywriters can earn over six-figures per year. A few copywriters, who take a cut of high-performing sales pages, earn even more.

In this article, I’ll explain what copywriter is, what they work on and five ways they spend their time.

1. Writes Compelling Call To Actions

The jumpy of a product or sales page is to convince readers or leads to take the next step. That means taking out a trial or buying the product or service in question. So, a copywriter comes up with and test suitable call-to-actions, like:

  • Buy now
  • Join
  • Subscribe
  • Take out a free 30-day trial
  • Review my podcast
  • Like or follow my YouTube channel

You don’t need a degree to write these, but a good copywriter always ask themselves or their clients, “What do I want our audience to do next?”

Then, the test accordingly.

2. Edits For Clarity And Concision

While working as a copywriter, I met many clients and product manager who liked writing the first draft of web copy themselves. Some insisted on certain terms and language appearing on a sales page.

In some case, their suggestions were helpful. In other cases, they packed a web page full of meaningless corporate jargon ripped from an internal Powerpoint presentation.

A copywriter reviews internal messaging statements and edits them accordingly so that customers can understand them.

They strip out clunky language, explain technical terms and write headlines that sum up the key…



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