Want To Guarantee A Job Tomorrow? Study These 3 Areas Today

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The blockchain. Automation. Artificial intelligence.

Which of these areas should you study today to guarantee a job tomorrow? And what should you do if technology isn’t your passion?

According to a recent Harvard Business Review article by John Hagel III, three kinds of jobs will thrive as automation advances: composers, coaches and creators.

Studying these areas today will help you avoid the unemployment line tomorrow.

The good news is these types of jobs directly relate to creative projects and working with other people. In other words, you don’t need to become a tech savant.

Create Unique Products

According to Statista, the number of self-published books in the United States alone jumped from approximately 100,000 to almost 800,000 between 2000 and 2016.

The tools for creators are becoming easier to use. Vellum, for example, simplifies turning manuscripts into print and Kindle book files you can publish on Amazon and eliminates (or at least reduces) the cost of hiring a book designer.

You can even turn your passions into products that sell. For example, Australian businessman Adam Jelic of MiGoals created a series of daily planners because he felt passionate about productivity. Now his company is about to expand into Europe.

He described his lightbulb moments in 2009,

“One of my teachers said take a scrap piece of paper and write your goals on it. I said, ‘I’m going to print my own goal-setting diary, something that’s aesthetically appealing and well-constructed.’”

Compose Personal Experiences

Consider the four-plus billion dollar brand CrossFit.

It enables fitness fans to train alongside other people in a way that is not possible in the gym. A monthly membership costs more than at a typical gym, and its exercises often intimidate new people.

When I joined a local CrossFit gym, or box, watching the other members train inspired me. So I began practicing exercises like squats, deadlifts and power cleans in ways I’d never attempted at a traditional gym.

Like many CrossFit fans, I realized it offers a unique experience for members that more than justifies the premium membership fee.

Alternatively, Tails in the United Kingdom is a rapidly growing business in part because it provides delivers personalised, hand-blended dog food that animal lovers can’t buy in a supermarket.

In other words, many customers are becoming more interested in discovering engaging experiences than they are with acquiring products.

Coach Clients to Succeed

You probably had at least one teacher or lecturer who took special interest in your education. He or she might have helped you achieve a breakthrough in your studies that was impossible for you alone.

After graduation, finding these mentors becomes more difficult because colleagues are focused on achieving their goals.

This is why a good coach is valuable, and you can turn this need into a lucrative side business.

“Coaching is a competitive advantage over people that are limited to books and classes. As business becomes more competitive, people are turning to coaches to help personalize their growth and to hold them accountable for following through,” said Tony Stubblebine, founder of Coach.me.

For example, let’s say you struggled with time management and overwhelm at work but after much research, taming a to-do list is a pleasure. Now your manager lauds your productivity.

Consider turning what you learned the hard way into a coaching service or course for other executives or entrepreneurs.

The Robots Are Coming

It’s fun to daydream about buying Lamborghinis with money earned through blockchain, but if you really want to prepare for tomorrow, focus on building your skills in the three areas Hagel cites.

If you’re creative, use the tools already available to create valuable product for your 1,000 true fans.

If you’re passionate about a hobby, investigate turning your knowledge into composing a unique experience for customers.

Finally, if you’ve conquered a problem at work, consider if you can help others who are struggling with this same issue.

When our robot overlords arrive, you’ll be ready.

Author of The Power of Creativity — Dublin — Advice @ http://becomeawritertoday.com — Join my newsletter @ http://bryancollins.com

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